Our Platform

Block 64’s IT Discovery and Insights Platform provides real-time visibility across your entire IT ecosystem and tailored recommendations for IT leaders and their partners.


It begins with a single discovery motion to create a comprehensive, detailed view of your entire hybrid environment.


We then transform your data into insights and actionable recommendations, with powerful reporting, visualizations and assessments.


Armed with real-time data and strategic insights, Block 64 enables your business to drive value across its most critical IT imperatives.

Discovery Products

Discovery Application

Discovery Application

Conduct an agentless inventory from any Windows-based PC or server with a simple service account. Ideal for time-sensitive projects. Wizard-based installation and configuration requires just minutes to set up. Full cross-platform data collection capabilities with automated insight reporting and zero technical complexity.

Discovery Appliance

Discovery Appliance

For long term deployments, our virtual server appliance is distributed as an OVF image and installed on the hypervisor of your choice. Simple wizard-based installation with advanced configuration and scheduling options for distributed environments and unique network conditions, our virtual appliance provides real-time asset reporting across the enterprise.

Remote Agent

For decentralized environments or those with high security or limited connectivity, our installed agent provides centralized management and is easily distributed with most common software management tools.  This is the ideal solution for remote work, field services and zero trust environments.

Insights Products

Analytics Portal

Analytics Portal

Your anonymous asset inventory data can optionally be encrypted and securely transferred from your site to a Block 64 hosted datacenter in your region. From there you can analyze and report on your data. Dive into software licensing, hardware lifecycle management, server capacity and utilization, application dependency mapping, security vulnerability tracking, and cloud cost comparisons, and much more.

Assessment Manager

Intelligence Reports

Our discovery data and analytics reports are best in breed, but our automated assessments and intelligence reports take your analysis to a whole new level. Create a custom web-based deliverables and provide them to executives for crystal clear recommendations and next steps in improving your security, cloud, or ITAM positions. Available in 19 languages.

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