For more than a decade, we’ve championed agentless IT discovery – a lightweight, non-intrusive way for businesses to capture a full picture of their technology environments.

It’s an elegant solution, one that’s helped thousands of our customers gather the insights they need to deliver better outcomes and modernize IT.

But times are changing. Businesses are seeing a significant increase in remote working, with some employees rarely – if ever – joining the corporate network.

That might be great for work-life balance and productivity. But it makes agentless discovery – a process the involves passively monitoring the corporate network – less effective. Simply put: Work is evolving. And the way we track and monitor our IT environments needs to follow suit.

The Block 64 Discovery Agent: A solution to close the gap

That’s why we built the Block 64 Discovery Agent. It’s designed to handle those edge cases with a simple, light executable (or “agent”) that will gather inventory data from Windows machines tucked away in home offices, balanced on car seats, or being typed on in coffee shops – machines that are otherwise unconnected from a corporate network.

It is not designed to replace agentless inventory, but to augment it. For the vast majority, of businesses, the agent will primarily help capture those users who simply can’t be reached by any other means.

Our newly updated agent, which was released in December, comes with a few core new features and benefits. It’s now easier than ever to gather a complete picture of your hybrid, extended workforce:

  • Deployment enhancements: Deploying the agent is now easier with pre-built scripts and support for multiple options, including SCCM, InTune, GPO, ESET, and PowerShell.
  • Deeper usage metrics: Alongside the ability to gather software, hardware and security data, you can now capture resource utilization metrics – very helpful for optimizing costs.
  • Network performance: Minimizing network load and helping ensure inventory doesn’t interfere with daily operations or network performance.

(To get a more detailed list of features and technical guidance, please visit our Block 64 Support page, here.)

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Inventory management doesn’t have to be complicated, even in an era of remote work. Block 64’s Discovery Agent ensures you can effortlessly access comprehensive inventory data, bridging the gap left by agentless technologies.

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