Now you can leverage the popular remote management protocol to simplify discovery.

Block 64 is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our agentless discovery IT inventory solution: the integration of Windows Remote Management (WinRM) as a discovery method. This update marks a leap forward in our commitment to delivering comprehensive and convenient IT discovery, analytics, and insights.

Introducing WinRM to Block 64 Discovery

WinRM, Microsoft’s implementation of the WS-Management protocol, is a standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based, firewall-friendly protocol that facilitates the interoperation between hardware and operating systems from different vendors.

WinRM is widely recommended for remote device management, and many of our customers already utilize or prefer WinRM for their operations. By integrating it into Block 64’s discovery suite, we are complementing our existing agentless discovery protocols and agent-based discovery solutions. As a result, you get more options and flexibility to capture comprehensive IT insights about your customers or your IT environment.

If you are an existing Block 64 partner, WinRM is off by default. To get started, feel free to reach out to support, or follow the instructions on our Knowledge Base, here.

More Insights, More Power

Block 64’s Discovery & Insights platform is designed to empower CIOs, corporate IT owners, and IT service providers with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations for optimizing modern IT. The introduction of WinRM enhances flexibility and reach, particularly in inventorying environments that have been challenging to access using traditional agentless discovery methods.

This update aligns with our core value proposition: to provide rapid, in-depth insights into IT environments, facilitating improved service delivery, expedited engagements, and increased revenues for our partners and end customers.

By leveraging WinRM, Block 64 partners and end customers can now enjoy even more powerful ways to uncover insights from IT environments. This enhancement underscores our dedication to continuous innovation, supporting the ever-evolving needs of IT professionals and organizations worldwide.