A single view of all sites and subsidiaries

If you already have an agent based tool running in your environment you are likely only seeing part of the picture. Our agentless, cross-platform discovery and analytics solution will quickly and thoroughly carry out complete discovery, validation and integration for all software and hardware assets – including difficult scenarios such as Client Access Licenses and Cloud Applications. View your entire enterprise or drill down to specific sites with ease.

More than a discovery tool

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Cross-Platform Inventory

The BlockBox can inventory just about anything - Windows, OSx, Linux, Unix, Solaris, ESX, any SNMP-compliant (v1, v2c, v3) devices - and we can even detect embedded and nonstandard OS devices without having to so much as log into them. If it’s online, we get it.

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Activedirectory Integration

We can pull in all registered ActiveDirectory devices and users, including their degree of activity, most recent logon, even the areas of the network they were last seen. Not only is this a great way to gauge inventory completion, but it’s key data for software audit defenses and compliance.

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Office 365 Inventory

We're delighted to have one of the first solutions to provide both local, on-prem inventory alongside usage, entitlement, and activation of cloud-based products within the Office 365 family. Track every activation, usage, entitlement and activation of your cloud services.

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Sam Dashboard & Software Taxonomy Engine

You want to know more than just what titles you have installed - you want to know if you’re compliant. Automated gap analysis doesn’t get easier than this. Simply key your ownership info into the software product tracker, and let the system do the rest. The BlockBox ships with a set of popular preconfigured recognition patterns - but you have the ability to edit and add your own as needed.

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Virtualization Mapping & Licensing

The relationship between hosts and their guest VMs, as well as the architecture of the hosts themselves, is a key piece of information in the determining of software costs. We can address the bare metal to get host hardware specifications such as processor count and architecture, as well as the guests running on the hosts for optimal license distribution. We even get the licenses the bare metal itself is consuming!

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Next-level SQL Database Tracking

SQL sprawl is one of the leading hidden costs within today’s enterprise. So why is it that it’s often so hard to determine your actual SQL Server footprint? Our SQL detection algorithms and easy-to-use reporting make that pain a thing of the past.

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SQL License Management

Server. Processor. Core. SQL Server’s been sold in a lot of ways, and you probably own a bit of each at this point. How you opt to distribute the licenses you purchase for Microsoft SQL Server is your decision - but our SQL License Tracker will give you a workshop to try out different ways to optimally distribute your licenses and maximize your SQL Server investment.

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Oracle Inventory & Analysis

We can easily discover Oracle Databases, their enabled options, and other Oracle Products installed throughout your environment. We can generate easily digestible summaries from the outputs generated by Oracle’s own audit scripts, if that is how you’d rather inventory your Oracle environment.

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Automated Hardware Warranty Tracking

For most of the major manufacturers, we can automatically pull in any maintenance, care packs or warranty associated with your devices. You can see the support status of the entire fleet, all in one handy interactive report - no manual work or input required.

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CISCO EOX (End-of-sale, End-of-support)

We’re integrated directly with Cisco’s EOx system and can tell you which equipment on your network is no longer available - or more importantly - no longer supportable. Know ahead of time if you need to replace key infrastructure items - before they fail and can’t be serviced.

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Contract Management

Our Contract Management system makes it easy to track the start date, end date, value and associated items for all your maintenance, software, hardware, and lease contracts. Our system will automatically point out any gaps in coverage or instances in which the covered hardware is no longer present.

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SSL Certificate Inventory & Tracking

With a simple scan, we can retrieve key details about any SSL certificates installed in your environment - including their issuance and expiration dates, the key length, cipher and protocol, as well as the issuing authority. Never suffer from an accidentally expired cert again!

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Security Vulnerability & Tracking

Our integration with the Department of Homeland Security’s "National Vulnerability Database" allows us to keep track of every known software vulnerability in the wild - but more importantly, our vulnerability reports tell you which of them you are currently unpatched against.